The Team

I am a Director of Freedom Healthcare in Haywards Heath, West Sussex. The Clinic Director is Steven Rudd, Doctor of Chiropractic (you can click on his name below to see what he does.)

Steven Rudd. or you can email him.

We  have a personal fitness trainer/coach with us, Sophie Rudd; ring 01444 416911 for an appointment.

Directors: Doctors Betty and Steven Rudd.

For personal fitness training telephone Sophie 01444 416911.

1) BULLYING: If bullied, talk to a trusted adult, be persistent until something is done, write down all that happens and is said, telephoning Child-line is an option; do something to stop it by asking for help. Befriend younger children to buffer them against being bullied. Talk about bullying and make your own anti-bullying posters. Do something co-operative such as putting on a play about how to keep a school bully-free.
2) SCHOOL ACHIEVEMENT: Fatherless children are more likely to drop out of school. Women with degrees earn approximately 25% more than women without degrees. Higher quality childcare produces children who are better at maths, thinking skills, and they have less attention problems.
3) FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS: To build resilience, trust and attachment are important in the child (Masten, 1998). Similarly, it is important for an adolescent to seek help from adults other than parents, for resilience-building (Fonagy, 1984). The ability to make and keep a few good friends is also very important (Segal, 1986).
We can design a step-by-step plan for you to achieve optimum support either for the health of your mind and body, or from planning your book, to making a public presentation or enhancing your emotional intelligence. We embrace cutting-edge information from the science of happiness, health-research results, emotional literacy, mental well-being and positive psychology.
Emotionally healthy kids can grow into happier adults. We also provide drama sessions and offer participants the chance of taking graded examinations in speech and drama, from beginner to professional levels.